1896-07-20 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-20 Elocution and Readings20th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetRecitation – “Back from the Holidays” – (Open to juniors under 15 years of age)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster AWhidburn1stMaster MortonWilliams2ndMaster HarrieLee3rdMaster PJones4thRecitation – “The Corsican”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JWhidburn1stMr MWhite2ndMr W PMitchell3rdMr M T MBourkeHonourable Mention

1896-07-10 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-10 Elocution and Readings10th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetRecitation – “Boy’s Rights” – Boys Under 12 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster WThomas1stMaster EKelly2ndMaster HarryLee3rdDialogue – “The Honeymoon”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr J Whidburn and Miss A Whidburn1stMr M White and Miss Major2ndMr T Bolton and Miss Pitts3rd

1896-07-09 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-09 Elocution and Readings9th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetPrepared Reading – Ladies – “The Death of Poor Joe” (Dickens)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss AWhidburn1stMissRahilly2ndMiss CMalyon3rdSenatorial Display – “Peel’s invective against Cobbett”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JWhidburn1stMr J SReilly2ndMr G HMarks3rd

1896-07-08 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-08 Elocution and Readings8th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetRecitation – “The Factory Girls Holiday” – Open to Ladies under 15 years of ageFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss NKing1stMiss BTuthill2ndMiss EssieThomas3rdImpromptu Reading – LadiesFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss LOgilvy1stMiss GBook2ndMiss MNankervis3rdRecitation – “The Dear Old Land” – Gentlemen Under 20 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr J HHopkins1stJ FLynch2ndG PBray3rd

1896-07-07 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-07 Elocution and Readings7th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetRecitation – “Praying for Shoes” – Open to Ladies under 20 yearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss ClariceMalyon1stMiss FlorenceHerbert2ndMiss HWhidburn3rdPrepared Reading – GentlemenFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JWhidburn1stMr C SParry2ndMr J SReilly3rdMr TTylerHighly CommendedMr TBoltonHighly CommendedImpromptu Reading – GentlemenFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr W JHarper1stMr J SReillyEqual 2ndMr G HMarksEqual 2ndMr EBunting3rd

1896-07-06 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-06 Elocution and Readings6th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetRecitation – “Only a Woman” – LadiesFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMissRahilly1stMiss FlorenceHerbert2ndMiss CMalyon3rdSenatorial Display – “Lord Brougham on the State of the Law”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JWhidburn1stMr MWhite2ndMr A BFlohm3rdMr TTylerHighly CommendedMr J SReillyHighly Commended

1896-07-04 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-04 Elocution and Readings4th July, 1896ShareShareShareHeld in the Hall, Skipton StreetImpromptu Speech – Proverbs (subject given out by the adjudicators)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr FBesemeres1stMr G HMarks2ndMr CSpeedieEqual 3rdMr W RByersEqual 3rdDebate – “Is it Morally Right to buy in the Cheapest, and sell in the Dearest Market?”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr W RByers1stMr FSmith2ndMr G HMarks3rd

1896-07-03 Elocution and Readings

1896-07-03 Elocution and Readings3rd July, 1896ShareShareSharePerformed in the Hall, Skipton StreetDebate – “Has England’s Foreign Policy been beneficial to the World?”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr FSmith1stMr JMeehan2ndMrBesemeresEqual 3rdMrMarksEqual 3rdSpeech – “United Australia”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JMeehan1stMrBairdEqual 2ndMrTylerEqual 2ndMr FSmith3rd

1898-08-27 Elocution and Readings

1898-08-27 Elocution and Readings27th August, 1898ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstitutePrepared Reading – “The Deluge” (Ladies)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss A.CrawfordBendigoVictoria1stMiss C.MalyonBallaratVictoria2ndMiss M.SampsonBallaratVictoria3rdMiss E.OglivyBallaratVictoriaHonourable MentionAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneHumorous Recital (Ladies)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss C.MalyonBallaratVictoria1stMiss A.CrawfordBendigoVictoria2ndMiss F.McKeeBallaratVictoria3rdAdjudicatrd by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneHumorous Recital (Gentlemen)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr J.BolgerBallaratVictoria1stMr G.C.ColeGeelongVictoria2ndMr H.BradleyBendigoVictoria3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneSpelling BeeFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss I.J.Mitchell1stMiss W.H.Pearson2ndMiss A.Koppers3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNone

1898-08-26 Elocution and Readings

1898-08-26 Elocution and Readings26th August, 1898ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstitutePrepared Reading – “Nicholas Nickleby and Mister Squires” (Gentlemen)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr J.R.Tebay1stMr A.B.Flohm2ndMr HMcLennan3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneDialogue – Scene fron “The Rivals” (Mrs Malaprop, Captain Absolute, Lydia Languish) – for Ladies and Gentlemen.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss Rabilly , Miss Mathews and Mr M. White1stMiss A. Whidburn, Miss Webb and […]

1898-08-25 Elocution and Readings

1898-08-25 Elocution and Readings25th August, 1898ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstituteRecitations – ”The Young Orator” – (Boys under 12 years)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster GeorgeKift1stMaster BertBunting2ndMaster HenryTroon3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneRecitation – “Mary, Queen of Scots” -( Ladies under 20 years)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss E.Oglivy1stMiss C.Maylon2ndMiss A.CrawfordBendigoVictoria3rdMiss E.PetersHonourable MentionAdjudicated by Mr F.C. AppletonNoneRecitation – “Childe Harold’s goodnight” – (Gentlemen under 20 years)First […]

1898-08-24 Elocution and Readings

1898-08-24 Elocution and Readings24th August, 1898ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstituteRecitation – “The Ant and the Butterfly”- (Girls under 12 years)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss QueenieWilliams1stMiss F.McKee2ndMiss MaryBlizard3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneReading Impromptu – LadiesFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss E.Ogilvy1stMiss A.CrawfordBendigoVictoria2ndMrs W. T.MarkGeelongVictoria3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C. AppletonNoneRecitation – “The Cloud” – (Boys under 15 years)First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster PhilJones1stMaster E.Coppers2ndMaster B.Bunting3rdAdjudicated by Mr F.C.AppletonNoneRecitation – […]

1899-09-16 Elocution and Readings

1899-09-16 Elocution and Readings16th September, 1899ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstituteRecitation – “To a Seagull” – Girls Under 15 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMissWhidburn1stMiss FMcKee2ndMiss JPowell3rdHumorous Recitation – GentlemenFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr JBolger1stMrWilliamsEqual 2ndMr SDevineEqual 2ndMr JMoizer3rd

1899-09-15 Elocution and Readings

1899-09-15 Elocution and Readings15th September, 1899ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstituteRecitation – “We are Seven” – Girls Under 12 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss FMcKee1stMiss MayPhillips2ndMiss LMcKeeSpecial MentionMiss NLyleSpecial MentionMiss PBlezzardSpecial MentionSenatorial Display – “Canning on the Slave Trade”First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMr W PMitchellBallaratVictoria1stAGallowayMiners RestVictoria2ndMr DWhealBallaratVictoria3rdMr J RTebayHonourable MentionMr MWhiteHonourable MentionMr W HBlezzardHonourable MentionSpelling BeeFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMrs W HPearsonBallaratVictoria1stMiss AKoppersBallaratVictoria2ndMiss SMann3rdOpen SceneGroup […]

1899-09-14 Elocution and Readings

1899-09-14 Elocution and Readings14th September, 1899ShareShareShareHeld in the Mechanics InstituteRecitation – “The Kiss in School” – Boys Under 12 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster BBunting1stMaster MWilliams2ndMaster AMatthews3rdRecitation – “Dandy Jack” – Boys Under 15 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMaster BBunting1stMaster HLiddiard2ndMaster HDaveyBendigoVictoria3rdPrepared Reading – “Eves Dream” – LadiesFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss NKing1stMiss EPeters2ndMiss HAdcockClifton HillVictoria3rdRecitation – “Eliza” – Ladies Under 20 YearsFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMiss […]