1998-08-25 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-25 Debating Challenge Cup25th August, 1998ShareShareShareDebate One -Debating Semi-Finals Secondary School Years 11/12 – That our Politicians are failing us,Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College (Blue)Mt ClearVictoriaBallarat High School (Green)BallaratVictoriaDebate Two – Debating Semi-Finals Secondary School Year 11/12 – That we should allow commerical mining in Antartica Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat & Claredon College (Gold)BallaratVictoriaLoreto College (Gold)BallaratVictoriaDebate One – Debating […]

1998-08-24 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-24 Debating Challenge Cup24th August, 1998ShareShareShareDebate One – Debating Semi-Finals Secondary School Years 7/8 – That sport is a health hazardGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat & Claredon College (C Team )BallaratVictoriaHorsham Secondary College (C Team )HorshamVictoriaDebate Two – Debating Semi-Finals Secondary School Years 7/8 – That it’s time Australia became republic.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat & Claredon College A Team BallaratVictoriaLoreto […]

1998-08-21 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-21 Debating Challenge Cup21st August, 1998ShareShareSharePart 1 Secondary School Years 7/8, Debate OneGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s College BallaratBallaratVictoriaClaredon College A TeamBallaratVictoriaPart 1 Secondary School Years 7/8, Debate TwoGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto College A TeamBallaratVictoriaBallarat High School A Team BallaratVictoriaPart 1 Secondary School Years 7/8, Debate ThreeGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat High School D Team BallaratVictoriaMt Clear Secondary CollegeMt ClearVictoriaPart 1 Secondary […]

1998-08-20 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-20 Debating Challenge Cup20th August, 1998ShareShareSharePart 3 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 11Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBelmont High SchoolGeelongVictoriaNoneBallarat Grammar School OliveBallaratVictoriaNonePart 3 Secondary School Years 9/10 , Debate 12Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Secondary College East ComplexBallaratVictoriaNoneBallarat High School OliveBallaratVictoriaNonePart 3 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 13Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat & Claredon RedBallaratVictoriaNoneLoreto College LemonBallaratVictoriaNonePart 3 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 14Group […]

1998-08-19 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-19 Debating Challenge Cup19th August, 1998ShareShareSharePart 1 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar School RedBallarat VictoriaLoreto College SilverBallaratVictoriaPart 1 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 2Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat High School WhiteBallaratVictoriaHorsham High SchoolHorshamVictoriaPart 1 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 3Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar School YellowBallaratVictoriaBallarat Grammar School BlueBallaratVictoriaPart 1 Secondary School Years 9/10, Debate 4Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingCatholic […]

1998-08-18 Debating Challenge Cup

1998-08-18 Debating Challenge Cup18th August, 1998ShareShareShare Secondary School Years 11 &12 Debate 0ne- That self-regulation be replaced by Government control.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s College (Blue, Aff)BallaratVictoriaMt Clear Secondary College ( Neg)Mt ClearVictoriaSecondary School Years 11& 12 Debate Two – That the un-regulated development of the internet is a social menace.Secondary School Years 11 & 12 Debate […]

2014-08-25 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-08-25 Debating Challenge Cup25th August, 2014ShareShareShareDebating Finals Grade 5/6Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Primary School Team 2DaylesfordVictoriaBest Female Debater -( Monies, Certificates, Medallions) from Zonta Group and Ballarat East Rotary Group Daisy Rogers , Buninyong Primary School Team 3 VictoriaBest Male Debater- (Monies, Certificate, Medallion) from Zonta Group and Ballarat East Rotary Group Jaida Berridge, Daylesford Primary School […]

2014-08-18 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-08-18 Debating Challenge Cup18th August, 2014ShareShareShareDebating Semi-Finals Year 9/10, Debate OneGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt.Patrick’s College Team GoldBallaratVictoriaDebating Semi-Finals Year 9/10, Debate TwoGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary College (Middle 2)DaylesfordVictoriaDebating Semi-Finals Year 7/8, Debate OneGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College (Group 3)Mt ClearVictoriaDebating Semi-Finals Year 7/8, Debate TwoGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary College Junior 2DaylesfordVictoriatest 1First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacingxyBanyuleVictoria

2014-07-28 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-07-28 Debating Challenge Cup28th July, 2014ShareShareShare820 Year 5/6 That school sport should be compulsory.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPleasant Street Primary School Team 1 (Aff)BallaratVictoria1stBuninyong Primary School Team 1 ( Neg)BuninyongVictoriaNone820 Year 5/6 That the media should pay more attention to women in sport.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyong Primary School Team 2 (Aff)Buninyong Victoria1stDaylesford Primary School (Neg)DaylesfordVictoriaNone820 Year 5/6 That school hours […]

2014-08-01 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-08-01 Debating Challenge Cup1st August, 2014ShareShareShare822 Years 9/10 contThat logging should be permitted in National Parks.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Group 3 (Aff)BallaratVictoria1stSt. Patrick’s College Team Blue (Neg)BallaratVictoriaThat fast food has been given an undeservedly poor reputation.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s College Team Gold (Aff)BallaratVictoria1stDaylesford Secondary College Middle 3 (Neg)DaylesfordVictoriaThat Australian farmers should be allowed to grow genetically modified […]

2014-07-31 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-07-31 Debating Challenge Cup31st July, 2014ShareShareShare821 Years 7/8 contThat technology has destroyed the playground.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto C (Aff)BallaratVictoria1stDamascus College Group 5 (Neg)Mt ClearVictoriaThat there is too much violence in entertainment.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary College Junior 1 (Neg)DaylesfordVictoria1stDamascus College Group 6 (Aff)Mt ClearVictoriaThat the age for gaining a driving licence should be lowered.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary College Junior 2 […]

2014-07-30 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-07-30 Debating Challenge Cup30th July, 2014ShareShareShare821 Years 7/8 contThat single sex classes provide a better learning environment than mixed sex classes.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Group 3 (Aff)Mt ClearVictoria1stLoreto A (Neg)BallaratVictoriaThat Australia places too much emphasis on sport.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Group 4 (Neg)Mt ClearVictoria1stSt Patrick’s College Group 4 (Aff)BallaratVictoriaThat Australia should invest more in renewable energy.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt […]

2014-07-29 Debating Challenge Cup

2014-07-29 Debating Challenge Cup29th July, 2014ShareShareShare820 Grade 5/6 contThat we should explore space.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyong Primary School Team 3 (Neg)BuninyongVictoria1stThat the Commonwealth Games are a waste of money.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyong Primary School Team 4 (Aff)BuninyongVictoria1stThat children should have a voice in setting school rules.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingForest Street Primary School Team Red (Aff)WendoureeVictoria1stUrquhart Park Primary School Team 2 (Neg)BallaratVictoriaThat […]

1997-09-11 Debating Challenge Cup

1997-09-11 Debating Challenge Cup11th September, 1997ShareShareShareSecondary School Years 10,11 and 12 Part ThreeDebate Seven – That publicity is a stronger sales mover than qualityGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat High School Gold TeamBallaratVictoriaNoneDebate Eight – That the death penalty for murder and kidnapping be restoredGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDemascus College White TeamBallaratVictoriaNoneDebate NineGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patricks College Blue TeamBallaratVictoriaNoneDebate TenGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Gold […]

1997-09-09 Debating Challenge Cup

1997-09-09 Debating Challenge Cup9th September, 1997ShareShareShareSecondary School Years 7, 8 and 9 Part ThreeDebate Seven – That Australians realise how lucky they areGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar School Brown TeamBallaratVictoriaDebate Eight – That animals should be used for experimentsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat High School White TeamBallaratVictoriaDebate Nine – That the family is losing its importanceGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMount Clear Secondary College […]