2009-07-27 Mars Debating Challenge Cup Day 1

27th July, 2009

Year 7 & 8

Array Cancelled

1st Loreto College T1 Affirmative

Array Ballarat High School T5 Negative

1st Derrinallum College Affirmative

Array Daylesford Secondary College T1 Negative

1st Damascus College Negative

Array St Patrick's College T2 Affirmative

1st Daylesford Secondary College T2 Affirmative

Array Mt Clear College T3 Negative

1st Loreto College T5 Negative

Array Ballarat High School T7 Affirmative

1st Ballarat High School T6 Negative

Array Daylesford Secondary College T3 Affirmative

1st Loreto College T3 Affirmative

Array St Patrick's College T3 Negative

Year 11/12

1st Ballarat High School T2 Affirmative

Array Derrinallum College Negative

Array Hamilton and Alexander College T1 Affirmative

1st Hamilton & Alexander College T1 Affirmative

Array St Patrick's College T3 Negative

1st Hamilton and Alexander College T2 Negative

Array Ballarat & Clarendon College Affirmative