2003-08-25 Mars Debating Challenge Cup Finals

25th August, 2003

Grades 5/6

That a new Australian flag is needed

Array Sam O'Brien

Array Ben Hart

Array Casey Bolton

Array Ashleigh Lotherington

Array David Morley

Array Danielle Maguire

1st Rhys Woods, Buninyong Primary School

2nd Alex Armstrong, Pleasant Street Primary School

3rd Ben Hart, Ballarat North Primary School

Honourable Mention Mitchell Simpson, Pleasant Street Primary School

Honourable Mention David Morley, Buninyong Primary School

Honourable Mention Danielle Maguire, Buninyong Primary School

Years 7/8

That charity is being abused

Array Erica Tracksdorf

Array Amelia Gracie

Array eleanor Crawshaw

Array Claire Harris

Array Elyssia Bourke

Array Samantha Gardiner

1st George Rowland, Daylesford Secondary College

2nd Erica Tracksdorf, Ballarat High School

3rd Samantha Gardiner, Ballarat Clarendon College

Years 9/10

That crime pays

Array Richard Marshall

Array Mathew Walker

Array lucy Barnet

Array Stacey Beacham

Array Tess Brady

Array Theonie Scott

1st Megan Helper, Daylesford Secondary College

2nd Eliza Drake, Loreto College

3rd Ben Shepherd, St Patrick's College

Honourable Mention Mathew Walker, Ballarat High School

Honourable Mention Amy Martin, Ballarat High School

Honourable Mention Kate Stevenson, Ballarat High School

Years 11/12

That you should love or leave your nation

Array Mary Milesi

Array Alison Frith

Array Kate Stevenson

Array Will Power

Array Nicole Hirst

Array Francis Nicholls-Wunder

1st Francis Nicholls-Wunder, Ballarat High School

2nd Brianna Youngson, Ballarat & Clarendon College

3rd Alison Frith, Daylesford Secondary College