1992-08-29 One Act Play Festival

29th August, 1992

First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Gemco Players '' Ground Zero Club'' Charlie SchulmanNone
B.U.D.A. ''Bananas'' by Richard BradshawNone
Gemco Players ''Transcending'' by David GregganNone
Anglesea Entertainers ''Scent of Honeysuckle'' by Jean Lenox ToddieNone
Adelphi Players Group 1 ''Wolves by J.J.BellNone
Kyneton ''What's it like to be living?'' by Nora DugonNone
Wendouree Arts Council Group 2 ''We'll dress her like Shirley Temple'' by Ron KrebsNone
TOV Threatre Co. ''Perfect Servants'' by Donald RichieNone
Ballt National Theatre ''Gosforths Fete'' by Alan AyckbourneNone
Adelphi Players group 2 ''Albert'' by Richard HarrisNone
Questcot Players ''The Proposal'' by Anton ChekhovNone
Ocean Grove Repertory Ensemble ''The Banana Bender'' by Barry DickensNone
Wendouree Arts council Group 1 ''Still Life with Violets'' by Ian Austin None
Red Cliffs Players ''Mates'' by Peter KennaNone
Geelong Rep Theatre Co ''Ritual for Dolls" by George MacEwan GreenNone
Box Hill Rep ''People Like Us'' by Cherry VooghtNone
Melton Little Theatre ''Best of Friends''None

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Questcot Players - " The Proposal "92.001st
TOV Theatre Co - " Perfect servant "91.002nd
Adelphi Players Group 2 - "Albert "90.003rd
Kyneton - "What's it like to be living"Honourable Mention
Ballarat National Theatre-" Gosforths Fete"Honourable Mention
Geelong Rep Theatre Co -"Ritual for Dolls"Honourable Mention
Ocean Grove Repertory Ensemble - "The Banana Bender "Honourable Mention

Questcot Players - " The Proposal "

1st Andrew Le Clercq

Honourable Mention Peter Richardson

Honourable Mention Ian Young

1st Phillipa Chapple

Honourable Mention Claudia Clarke

Peter Eyers

Terrill Taylor

Kim Patterson

Jo Young

First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Melton Little Theatre ''Annie get your gun'' by Herb & Dorothy FieldsNone
Belmont High School ''The Mangrove Man'' by P.ShermanNone
Vertex Theatre Kids - Creswick ''The Peace and quiet of a library''None
Belmont High school ''Roomers''None

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Belmont High School, "Roomers"GeelongVictoria82.001st
Vertex Theatre Kids, "The Peace and quiet of a library"CreswickVictoria81.002nd
Melton Little TheatreMeltonVictoria80.003rd
Belmont High School, "The Mangrove Man"GeelongVictoria78.00Honourable Mention