1959-10-19 Prize Winners Concert

19th October, 1959

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Choral- Like to the Damask Rose & The Lincolnhire Poacher Ballarat Masonic ChoirVictoriaNone
Choral - The bell Song & Shortnin BreadNazareth Children's Choir VictoriaNone
Folk Dance - Costa RicaClifton Calisthenic CollegeVictoriaNone
Vocal - Rose Softly BloomingMargaret TinneyVictoriaNone
Pianoforte Solo - Dance at DawnMary O'ConnorNone
Vocal - Why do I Love & ThrE Green Hills of SomersetAldene SplattVictoriaNone
Humorous Recital - The GeezerGail WaghorneVictoriaNone
Character Dance Solo - Moth and the FlameHeather ComptonVictoriaNone
Vocal Duet - Sound the TrumpetLoris Mee & Dawn AldrichVictoriaNone
Song & Dance - We Love ParisClifton Calisthenic CollegeVictoriaNone
Clarinet Concerto - Concertino & Clarinet PolkaPhillip MiechelVictoriaNone
Vocal - Credo & Prologue Pagiacci LeoncavalloTello SicilianoNone
Pianoforte Duet - BalletKay Lucas & Barbara BethuneNone
Operatic Dance SoloSuzanne GoodaNone
Best Entertainer - Bargain HuntingKay BuchananNone
Character Dance Duo - Spring RhapsodyLoris Morris & Robin GroveNone
Vocal - Hear me ye Winds & Waves, & When a Mnaiden Takes Your FancyDonald SolomonNone
Character recitial - Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeAlex HermannNone
Spectacular Display - King Neptune's CourtBallarat Calisthenic CollegeNone