1918-10-29 Prize Concert

29th October, 1918

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Senior Cadet Drum and Bugle Band
Christian Brothers Skipton Street Juvenile Choir
Vio in Solo Miss Eva Lenzer
Action Song over 12 Swastika Team
Champion Soprano Solo Miss Elsie Rogers
Duet Messrs. Leo Fisher Tasmania and W.M. Crougey
Musical Monologue Mr. J. F. O'Shea
Champion Vocal Solo "The Wanderer" Mr. R.C. Gillard
Action Song Miss Jessie Hogan's Team
Boys' Solo "The Swallows" Bert Dunstan
Solo "Lo Here the Gentle Lark" Miss. Ruby Dunstan
Physical Display Pool of Mines Team
So o Mr. Leo Fisher
Humorous Sketch "The Yokels Wedding" Mr. J.H. Davey
Spectacular Display Kia Ora Team Miss. Reed
Champion National Song Miss. Eileen Pascoe Webbe
Free Exercises Imperial Team Miss. Pool
Humorous Duet Miss. Mavis Yeomans and Jean Potter
Baritone Solo Mr. W.S. Samson
Patriotic Display Berrima Team
Bass Solo Mr. W. Crougey
Australian Song Tungi
Champion Vocal Solo Miss. Ruby Dunstan
Mixed Duet Miss M. Hull and Mr. W.M. Croughey