1906-10-29 Prize Concert

29th October, 1906

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Hon.Alfred Deakin -will preside and deliver an Oration
Chorus (a) "Merry Lilly Bells
(b) "Fishermen's returns"
Champion Juvenile Choir
Song "Across the far Blue Hills" - Mr H .F Hannell
Duet Mixed Voices - MissTessie Marshall and Hopkin Jones
Chorus (a) "The Shepherd boy" - Winner of the Factory Cup - Sunshine Choir
Solo - Miss Murphy
Grand Champion Choruses (a) "Righteous Heaven"
(b)"When spring comes Laughing". Ballarat Cloral Society.
Address - Mr Fred W. Beard (Chief Musical Adjudicator)
Song - "Infelice", from "Ernani", (Verdi) - Mr W. Hampton
Chorus (a) "Oh,come ley us sing to the Lord"
(b) "The three fishers" - Clunes Competition Choir
Fancy Marching - Convent of Mercy - Ballarat East
Male Chorus (a) "Twilight"
(b) "Song of the Northmen" - Ballarat Orcheds Society
Action Song (Girls) "Gay little Geishas we" - Convent of Mercy , Ballarat East
Distribition of Prizezs by the Hon Alfred Deakon Prime Minister