1906-10-15 Elocution Demonstration and Prize Distribution

15th October, 1906

Held in Her Majesty's Theatre

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
1 Overtues - OrchestraNone
2 Address - His Excellency the State Governor Sir Reginald TalbotNone
3 Recital -" Urus and the Bull" Mr G.F. LennonNone
4 Song - "From Oberon in Fairy World" , Mr A.E. CutterNone
5 Recital - "The Old Clock on the Stairs" , Miss Hilda WhidburnNone
6 Address - Mr Jas. S Battye, B.A. L.L.B ( Chief Elocutionary Adudicator)None
7Recital - "Devil may care" , Mr G. Gordon SwanNone
8Song - "When we were Two Little Boys" , Miss Lillian ColensoNone
9 Address - Professor Fred.W. Beard I.S.M. ( Chief Musical Adudicator Birmingham)None
10 Character Sketch - "The Vogadons" , Mr R.A. ColensoNone
Distribution of Prizes - By His Excellency Sir Reginald TalbotNone
Dialogue - "Drifted Apart" - Miss Ethel Goddard and James AndersonNone
Comedietta - "Little Lord Fauntleroy" - Mr R.A. Colenso and CompanyNone
Evening finished with "God Save The King"None