1904-10-18 Vocal

18th October, 1904

Held in the Alfred Hall

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
W. T. Evans & Howell WilliamsFitzroyVictoria86.001st
J. Kelly & O. H. OwenBallaratVictoria82.002nd
C. Whitehead & W. M. MorganBallaratVictoria80.003rd
Tom Pritchard & F. MuellerBendigoVictoriaHonourable Mention

First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Mr G.CarterBendigoVictoria82.001st
Mr JohnArthurBroken HillVictoria81.002nd
Mr F. J.WarrenBendigoVictoria79.003rd
Mr J. R.ProutBendigoVictoria78.00Honourable Mention
Mr H. E.BrownHeathcoteVictoria78.00Honourable Mention

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Miss Rose O'Mahony & Mr Tom PritchardBendigoVictoria82.001st
Miss Addie Campbell & Mr H. BrownBendigoVictoria78.002nd
Miss Rogers & Mr H. Ackeroyd InghamBendigoVictoria77.003rd
Miss Sharp & Mr HerbertBendigoVictoria72.00Honourable Mention

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Mr Beckman, Mr C. Whitehead, Mr W. M. Morgan & Mr E. HoreBallaratVictoria79.001st
Mr J. Kelly, Mr W. Evans, Mr O. H. Owen & Mr R. T. OwenBallaratVictoria78.002nd
Mr H. Beckman, Mr Nicholls, Mr Dudley & Mr VercoeBallaratVictoria74.003rd
Mr E. H. Lanyon, Mr Lamb, Mr Herbert & Mr WhitelockBendigoVictoria72.00Honourable Mention

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Mrs Bensons' FamilyHobartTasmania82.001st
Mrs Willaton and FamilyBallaratVictoria74.002nd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Miss Beryl Benson, Miss Florence McDonald & Miss Jenny H. WilliamsHobartTasmania83.001st
Miss Ethel Richards, Miss Daisy Fox & Miss Ethel RashleighGeelongVictoria81.002nd
Miss O'Mahony, Miss Sharp & Miss SullivanBendigoVictoria78.003rd
Miss Rosalie Bannister, Miss Ada Little & Miss Jessie LittleGeelongVictoria77.00Honourable Mention