1901-10-15 Vocal and Instrumental

15th October, 1901

Held at Her Majesty's Theatre

First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Miss LouiBrearlyGeelongVictoria1st

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Norman and Stanley TompkinsBallaratVictoria1st
Miss Brelaz and Harold McCallumBallaratVictoria2nd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Miss Loui and Mr. Montague BrearlyGeelongVictoria1st
Misses Rutherford and HorneBallarat and CreswickVictoria2nd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Misses Iles, R. Flohm, B. Phillips and B. McGregorBallaratVictoria1st
Miss Anstis, Stanley and Norman Tompkins and W. BryantBallaratVictoria2nd

Held in The Alfred Hall

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Miss A. Smith and Mr A. E. CutterBallaratVictoria1st
Miss Osborne and Mr. Claude HallMelbourneVictoria2nd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Misses M. Matthews, A. Smith, Messrs C. Whitehead and A. E. CutterBallaratVictoria1st
Misses M. and A. Evans, Messrs W. and T. EvansBallaratVictoria2nd