1900-09-28 Elocution and Readings

28th September, 1900

Held in Her Majesty's Theatre

First NameSurnameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Thomas P.ShannonBallaratVictoria2nd
G. E.WollastonBallaratVictoria3rd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Claude Hall and Queenie BurrowesMelbourne and BallaratVictoria1st
J. R. Tebay and Amy KoppersBallaratVictoria2nd
Harrie Cohen and Aggie RahillyBallaratVictoria3rd

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
"Barbara" J. Bolger's Company (H. Cohen, James Bolger, Agnes Rahilly, Queenie Burrowes)BallaratVictoria1st
"My Lady Help" Pascoe, O'Grady Company (Pascoe, Agnes Rahilly, J. I. O'Grady)BallaratVictoria2nd
"The Open Gate" J. R. Tebay's Company (J. Tebay, J. Anderson, Amy Koppers, Queenie Burrowes)BallaratVictoria3rd