1898-09-08 Prize Concert

8th September, 1898

Held in the Academy of Music

Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing
Anthem (sacred) "Thrice blessed is that harvest song"None
"A spring song" - Welsh ChoirNone
Baritone Solo - "Star of my soul " - Mr Claude HallNone
Vocal Trio - "Sea flower" - Misses A and E Castle and Miss EnglishNone
Tenor Solo - "For Thine own sake" - Mr E. J. ParkerNone
Vocal Duet - "Anchored" - M. Sharpe and Mr C. HallNone
Contralto Solo - "Yours for evermore" - Miss I. E. ChamberlinNone
Recitial (humours) - Miss F. McKeeNone
Soprano Solo - "The Gleaners" - Miss A . EvansNone
Sacred song - Miss CastleNone
Vocal Duet - "Venitian Song" - Misses M and A EvansNone
Bass Solo - - Mr A. BottomNone
Recitial - "The gatee" - Miss CrawfordNone
Duet -(humours) "Kissing" - Miss C. Maylon and Mr S. DevineNone
Sacred Song "Perfect Life" - Mr P. MitchellNone
Song - "Islamic dreams" - Mss A. WilliamsNone
Recitial - "The Bells" Mr H. CohenNone
Solo - "The wind in the trees" Miss CastleNone