1996-08-31 One Act Play Festival

1996-08-31 One Act Play Festival31st August, 1996ShareShareShare680 Open One Act Plays – Best ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingAcorn Players “The Cagebirds”HighettVictoria98.001stMorally Bankrupt Theatre Co “Secrets”RosebudVictoria87.002ndA Night Out Theatre Productions “Year 9 are Animals”MitchamVictoria82.003rdArarat Theatre Co “Distracted Globe”AraratVictoria80.00Honourable MentionTheatre Movement “Immaculate Conception”BallaratVictoriaCheltenham Players “Putting Back the Fest”CheltenhamVictoriaCartoon Theatre “Explicit Language”MitchamVictoriaTheatre Movement “A Short Story About Love”BallaratVictoriaBallarat National Theatre “Monkey’s […]

2007-08-18 One Act Play Festival

2007-08-18 One Act Play Festival18th August, 2007ShareShareShareFestival held over the 18 and 19 of AugustBest ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingNuworks Theatre – ‘Electra’1stMount Players Inc – ‘Donahue Sisters’2ndArarat Theatre Company – ‘Two Women and A Chair’3rdBest Director Julian Oldfield, Julian Oldfield, Ballarat National Theatre – ‘Albert’ Best Costumed Production Nuworks Theatre – ‘Confessions’Best Female Actor Jackie Harvey, Mount […]

2005-08-21 One Act Play Festival

2005-08-21 One Act Play Festival21st August, 2005ShareShareShareBest ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingArarat Theatre Company – “GarbageAraratVictoria1stBallarat National Theatre – “Three at a Table for Two”BallaratVictoria2ndAngelfish Theatre – “Gloria’s Angel”UnknownVictoria3rdBest Costumed ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBOObook Theatre – “A Florentine Tragedy”BundooraVictoriaBest Director Ian Wright, Ararat Theate Company – “Garbage” Best Male Actor Barry Curtis as , Ararat Theatre Company – “Garbage” Best […]

2002-08-25 One Act Play Festival

2002-08-25 One Act Play Festival25th August, 2002ShareShareShareOne Act PlayGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing“The Dumb Waiter” – Ballarat National TheatreBallaratVictoria79.501st“Day Trippers” – Ararat Theatre CompanyAraratVictoria79.002nd”Waiting Room” – Ballarat National TheatreBallaratVictoria77.003rd”The Shooting” – Hartwell PlayersCamberwellVictoria76.00Honourable MentionBest Costumed Production “Gabriella Rhymes with Fella” Hartwell Players, Camberwell VictoriaBest Support Player – Male Alan Stone, “Henri” in “A Light Lunch” – Mount Players […]

1999-08-25 One Act Play Festival

1999-08-25 One Act Play Festival25th August, 1999ShareShareShareBest ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPotato Theatre Company – ”Me and My Friend”GembrookVictoria1stBendigo Theatre Company – ”Last Tango in Little Grimley”BendigoVictoria2ndChloe Productions, Oakleigh – ”Pizza Man”OakleighVictoria3rdBest Costumed Production O. L. S. H. C. – ”Now and Then”, Bentleigh VictoriaBest Male Actor Geoff Jones, Potato Theatre Company Best Female Actor Glenda May, Chloe […]

1998-08-30 One Act Play Festival

1998-08-30 One Act Play Festival30th August, 1998ShareShareShare 680 Open One Act Play (morning & afternoon)Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingArarat Theatre Co “Pier Twelve”AraratVictoriaA Nighr Out Thearte Co, “So the Sun goes down”Glen waverleyVictoriaCathouse Players, “Disturbed”WandongVictoriaPaxis, “Tangled up in Blue”EmeraldVictoriaBendigo Theatre Co, “Say something happened”BendigoVictoriaArarat Theatre Co, “Lee”AraratVictoriaCathouse Players, ” I will love you forever’ WandongVictoriaA Night Out Theatre […]

1998-08-29 One Act Play Festival

1998-08-29 One Act Play Festival29th August, 1998ShareShareShare681 Youth One Act PlayGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPresentation CollegeWindsorVictoria88.001st680 Open One Act Play- ( afternoon and evening sessions)Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingCathouse Players Inc – “Sins of a Mother”WandongVictoriaTemplestowe Players – “Just like old times”TemplestoweVictoriaJacaranda Theatre Inc – “The blood of the Rose”MoorabbinVictoriaArarat Theatre Co, “A little something for the Ducks” AraratVictoriaFrankston Theatre Group […]

2001-08-26 One Act Play Festival

2001-08-26 One Act Play Festival26th August, 2001ShareShareShareCompetition held over the 25th and 26th of AugustOne Act Plays that are to be performedGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingH.A.T.S. Two Women and a ChairVictoriaHartwell Players Inc, – Finding the SunCamberwellVictoriaBallarat National Theatre – Private WorldsBallaratVictoriaHartwell Players Inc. – Room 22CamberwellVictoriaHartwell Players Inc.- Two Mintes Too LongCamberwellVictoriaNepaen Players – Victoria StationAspendaleVictoriaHartwell Players […]

2000-08-19 One Act Play Festival

2000-08-19 One Act Play Festival19th August, 2000ShareShareShareOne Act PlayGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingAmbon Theatre Company – “When grief has mates”BallaratVictoria1stBendigo Theatre Company – “Last tango in Little Grimley”BendigoVictoria2nd”MAYTE” Youth Theatre Group – “Couples”BallaratVictoria3rdBest Male Actor Peter Freund, Ambon Theatre Company Best Female Actor Maree Kennedy, Bendigo Theatre Company Best Support Actor – Male Michael Zala, Ambon Theatre Company […]

2003-08-24 One Act Play Festival

2003-08-24 One Act Play Festival24th August, 2003ShareShareShareCompetition held over the 23rd and 24th of AugustPlays to be Performed in The One Act Play FestivalGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMayte Youth Theatre ‘Interiors’Ballarat National Theatre Young Stages’Secret Bridesmaids Business’Our Lady of the sacred Heart College ‘The Cagebirds’Adelphi Theatre’Black Comedy’Nuworks Theatre’Larrikins’Hartwell Players’Something Old, Something New’Ararat Theatre Company’Whoppers’Kick Performance Group’Tomorrow Wendy’Hartwell Players’No […]

2012-08-19 One Act Play Festival

2012-08-19 One Act Play Festival19th August, 2012ShareShareShareBest ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingTreachery by NuworksVictoria1stStill Life by Beaumaris Theatre Inc.BeaumarisVictoria2ndBest DirectorAwarded to David Dunn, Nuworks VictoriaBest Female ActorAwarded to Katherine Innes, Beaumaris Theatre Inc. VictoriaBest Male ActorAwarded to Peter Noble, Nuworks VictoriaBest Support Female ActorAwarded to Katrina Hill, Ballarat National Theatre VictoriaBest Support Male ActorAwarded to Nick Walter, Nuworks […]

2004-08-22 One Act Play Festival One Act Play Festival

2004-08-22 One Act Play Festival One Act Play Festival22nd August, 2004ShareShareShare680 – Open One Act PlayGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingWesley College”Moving Out”Victoria1stArarat Theatre Company”Last Bus to Oblivion”Victoria2ndHartwell Players”Der Kriminalkommissar”Victoria3rdBest Male Actor John Mawson, Ararat Theatre Company VictoriaBest Female Actor Louise Brown, Ararat Theatre Company Best Male Actor – Other Than Leading Role David Gullivan, Ararat Theatre Company Best […]

2011-08-20 One Act Play Festival

2011-08-20 One Act Play Festival20th August, 2011ShareShareShare690 One Act Play FestivalPlayer with Most PotentialAwarded to James Shaw, Hartwell Players Player with Most Potential – YouthAwarded to Meg Dunn, Nuworks Best Costumed ProductionAwarded to Fawk, Nuworks Best Support Player – MaleAwarded to Damian Clancy, Pop Culture Theatre Inc Best Support Player – FemaleAwarded to Jan Pope, […]

2006-08-20 One Act Play Festival

2006-08-20 One Act Play Festival20th August, 2006ShareShareShare680 One Act Plays – Best ProductionGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingNuworks Theatre – A Childs StoryMelbourneVictoria96.001stHartwell Players – DigCamberwellVictoria94.002ndMayte Youth Theatre Inc – The Death of Pope John Paul 1BallaratVictoria90.00Equal 3rdArarat Theatre Company – Sherry Before SixAraratVictoria90.00Equal 3rdBest Costumed ProductionAwarded to Nuworks Theatre – A Child’s Story, Melbourne VictoriaBest DirectorAwarded to David […]

2008-08-17 One Act Play Festival

2008-08-17 One Act Play Festival17th August, 2008ShareShareShareProduction – FirstGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing1812 TheatreDoloresProduction – SecondGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingKick Performance Company OneSomething For The PainProduction – ThirdGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing1812 TheatreDock BriefBest Director Tim Long, 1812 Theatre-Dolores Best Female Actor Sharon Corbier & Helen Ellis, 1812 Theatre-Dolores Best Male Actor Michael Soleri, Mount Players-A Little Something for the Ducks Best Support Player […]