2017-09-09 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-09 Freemasons Festival of Bands9th September, 2017ShareShareShare833 20 Years & Under Advanced Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingYarra Valley Grammar Symphonic BandYarra ValleyVictoria851stCamberwell High School Wind EnsembleCamberwellVictoria832ndRingwood Secondary College Symphonic BandRingwoodVictoria773rd834 Open Petera Clamp Memorial Shield for Premier Grade Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlackburn High SchoolBlackburnVictoria931stChristian College Geelong Wind EnsembleGeelongVictoria892ndEltham High School Symphonic BandElthamVictoria883rdSenior Symphonic Wind Ensemble Wesley CollegeVictoria86Honourable Mention

2017-09-08 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-08 Freemasons Festival of Bands8th September, 2017ShareShareShare836.1 20 Years & under Future Music – Auralia & Musition Prize for Intermediate Stage BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlackburn High School Intermediate Big BandBlackburnVictoria931stBalwyn High School IntersectionBalwynVictoria912ndRingwood Secondary College Intermediate Stage BandRingwoodVictoria883rdCaulfield Grammar School Stage 2 Jazz BandCaulfieldVictoria86Honourable MentionRosanna Golf Links Primary School Jazz BandRosannaVictoria85Highly Commended836.2 20 Years & under Future […]

2017-09-07 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-07 Freemasons Festival of Bands7th September, 2017ShareShareShare830 – Fine Music Beginning Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingChristian College Geelong Highton & Bellarin Novice Concert BandsVictoria87.001stBallarat Grammar Year 7BallaratVictoria85.002ndWesley College Glen Waverley Concert BandGlen WaverleyVictoria83.003rd832.1 20 Years & Under Fine Music Intermediate Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingWantirna College Concert BandWantirnaVictoria871stBallarat Grammar Symphonic BandBallaratVictoria862ndEltham High School Concert BandElthamVictoria853rdChristian College Geelong Highton Intermediate […]

2017-09-06 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-06 Freemasons Festival of Bands6th September, 2017ShareShareShare835.1 – 20 Years & Under Future Music – Auralia & Musition Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlackburn High School Junior Big BandBlackburnVictoria84.001stBalwyn High School A TrainBalwynVictoria83.002ndRingwood Secondary College Junior Stage BandRingwoodVictoria80.003rd835.2 – 20 Years & Under Future Music – Auralia & Musition Prize for Novice or Junior Stage bandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar Sultans […]

2017-09-05 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-05 Freemasons Festival of Bands5th September, 2017ShareShareShare849 – 19 Years & Under Small Instrumental GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingChristian College Geelong VCE Flute EnsembleGeelongVictoria75.001stThe Hamilton Alexandra College String TrioHamiltonVictoria73.002ndChristian College Geelong VCE Flute Ensemble & Cello EnsembleGeelongVictoria71.003rdNorthcote HS Trombone QuartetNorthcoteVictoria71.003rdOvernewton Highly Strung QuartetVictoria70.00Honourable MentionBlackburn High School VCE FlutesBlackburnVictoriaHighly Commended851 – VCE Students Only T.E. Byrne Memorial Classical/ Traditional […]

2017-09-04 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-04 Freemasons Festival of Bands4th September, 2017ShareShareShare831.1 – 20 Years & Under Fine Music Junior Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlackburn High School Junior BandBlackburnVictoria92.001stBallarat Grammar Intermediate BandBallaratVictoria91.002ndChristian College Geelong Bellarine Concert BandBellarineVictoria90.003rdSt Patricks College Concert BandBallaratVictoria89.00Honourable MentionWesley College Middle School Concert BandVictoria88.00Highly Commended831.2 20 Years & Under Fine Music Junior Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingRosanna Golf Links Primary School […]

2017-09-01 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2017-09-01 Freemasons Festival of Bands1st September, 2017ShareShareShare854 – 18 Years & Under D’addario Novice String OrchestraGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBalwyn High School Junior String OrchestraBalwynVictoria87.001stSouthern Cross Grammar String EnsembleVictoria86.002ndBallarat Grammar Middle BallaratVictoria84.003rd855.1 18 Years & Under Junior String OrchestraGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingWaverley Christian College Wantirna South String EnsembleWantirna SouthVictoria90.001stBalwyn High School Newitt String OrchestraBalwynVictoria89.002ndBlackburn High School Senior String OrchestraBlackburnVictoria88.003rd855.2 – […]

2016-09-03 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-09-03 Freemasons Festival of Bands3rd September, 2016ShareShareShare833 20 Years and Under Fine Music Advanced Concert Bands GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingRingwood Secondary College Symphonic BanRingwoodVictoria88.001stPresbyterian Ladies’ College Wind SymphonyBurwoodVictoria86.002ndYarra Valley Grammar School Symphonic BandRingwoodVictoria82.003rd834 Open Petera Clamp Memorial Shield for ”Premier Grade” Concert Bands GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingEltham High School Symphonic BandElthamVictoria961stBlackburn High School Symphonic BandBlackburnVictoria942ndChristian College Geelong Senior Wind […]

2016-09-02 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-09-02 Freemasons Festival of Bands2nd September, 2016ShareShareShare836.1 Future Music- Auralia & Musition Prize for Intermediate Stage BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlackburn High School Intermediate Big Band (Blackburn)BlackburnVictoria95.001stRingwood Secondary College Intermediate Stage BandRingwoodVictoria89.002ndMacleod College Big BandMacleodVictoria88.003rdWesley College SKR Stage BandMelbourneVictoria81.00Honourable MentionBarry Currie Stage BandBallaratVictoria78.00Highly Commended836.2 20 Years and Under Future Music – Auralia & Musition Prize for Intermediate Stage […]

2016-09-01 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-09-01 Freemasons Festival of Bands1st September, 2016ShareShareShare832.1 20 Years & Under Fine Music Intermediate Concert Bands GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingChristian College Geelong Highton Intermediate Concert BandWaurn PondsVictoria98.001stAquinas College Symphonic Band RingwoodRingwoodVictoria86.002ndWantirna College Concert BandWantirnaVictoria85.003rdBlackburn High School Concert Band BlackburnVictoria84.00Honourable MentionRingwood Secondary College Intermediate Stage BandRingwoodVictoria83.00Highly CommendedLoreto College Concert BandBallaratVictoria83.00Highly Commended832.2 20 Years & Under Fine Music Intermediate […]

2016-08-31 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-08-31 Freemasons Festival of Bands31st August, 2016ShareShareShare835.1 20 Years & Under Future Music – Auralia & Musition Prize for Novice or Junior Stage Bands GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar Sultans of SwingWendoureeVictoria85.001stEltham High School Junior Jazz BandElthamVictoria84.002ndBlackburn High School Junior Big BandBlackburnVictoria82.003rdLoreto College Stage BandsBallaratVictoria80.00Honourable MentionCarrum Downs Secondary College Junior Stage BandCarrum DownsVictoria78.00Highly Commended835.2 20 years & […]

2016-08-30 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-08-30 Freemasons Festival of Bands30th August, 2016ShareShareShare839 19 years & Under John Chenery Novice Percussion EnsembleGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s Percussion EnsembleBallaratVictoria92.001stLoreto College DrumlineBallaratVictoria88.002ndBallarat Grammar WompWendoureeVictoria84.003rdBallarat Grammar Bangers ‘N’ MashWendoureeVictoria82.00Honourable Mention840 19 Years & Under John Chenery Senior Percussion EnsembleGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingEltham High School Percussion EnsembleElthamVictoria94.001stChristian College GeelongWaurn PondsVictoria92.002ndBallarat Clarendon College Senior Percussion EnsembleNewingtonVictoria87.003rd842.1 19 Years & Under […]

2016-08-29 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2016-08-29 Freemasons Festival of Bands29th August, 2016ShareShareShare831.2 20 years & Under FINE MUSIC JUNIOR CONCERT BANDS GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingEltham High School Intermediate BandElthamVictoria96.001stBallarat Grammar Intermediate BandWendoureeVictoria89.002ndBallarat Clarendon College Geoff Smith Jazz OrchestraNewingtonVictoria71.003rd831.1 20 years & Under FINE MUSIC JUNIOR CONCERT BANDS GroupGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingRoasanna Golf Links Primary School RoasannaVictoria95.001stBlackburn High School Juniors BandBlackburnVictoria93.002ndYarra Valley Grammar School Concert […]

2015-09-05 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2015-09-05 Freemasons Festival of Bands5th September, 2015ShareShareShare833 – Fine Music Advanced Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingWesley College Senior Symphonic Wind EnsembleMelbourneVictoria80.001stRingwood Secondary College Symphonic BandRingwoodVictoria76.002ndYarra Valley Grammar Symphonic BandRingwoodVictoria74.003rdBallarat Grammar Symphonic BandWendoureeVictoria72.00Honourable Mention834 – Petera Clamp Memorial Shield for ”Premier Grade” Concert BandsGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingEltham High School Symphonic BandElthamVictoria97.001stBlackburn High School Symphonic BandBlackburnVictoria93.002ndChristian College Geelong Wind SymphonyHightonVictoria88.003rd

2015-09-04 Freemasons Festival of Bands

2015-09-04 Freemasons Festival of Bands4th September, 2015ShareShareShare836 – Future Music – Auralia & Musition Prize For Intermediate Stage Bands – Division 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingEltham High School Jazz BandElthamVictoria90.001stSt Joseph’s College Geelong Stage BandNewtownVictoria85.002ndWesley College Stage BandMelbourneVictoria82.003rdBallarat Grammar Stage BandWendoureeVictoria80.00Honourable MentionBarry Currie Stage BandNewingtonVictoria75.00Highly CommendedSt Patrick’s College Stage BandBallaratVictoriaForest Hill College Stage BandBurwood EastVictoriaVermont Secondary College Stage […]