1901-10-04 Comedietta

1901-10-04 Comedietta4th October, 1901ShareShareShareOpen Scene ComediettasGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing’Sunset’ – Mr. Harry Cohen’s CompanyBallaratVictoria1st’The Loan of a Lover’ – Mr. W. White’s CompanyMelbourneVictoria2nd’Wayfarers’ – The Pascoe-O’Grady CompanyBallaratVictoria3rd

1904-10-08 Comedietta

1904-10-08 Comedietta8th October, 1904ShareShareShareHeld in Her Majesty’s TheatreComediettaGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing”Little Lord Fauntleroy” – Mr. R. A. Colenso’s PartyMelbourneVictoria1st”For Her Child’s Sake” – Mr. Claude Hall’s PartyMelbourneVictoriaEqual 2nd”Uncle” (Act 1) – Mr. R. A. Colenso’s PartyMelbourneVictoriaEqual 2nd”A Rift Within The Lute” – Mr. Devine’s Party,BallaratVictoria3rd”Camille” – Mr. H. Linden’s PartyBallaratVictoriaHonourable Mention”Uncle”(Act 2) – Mr. R. A. Colenso’s […]

1907-10-09 Comedietta

1907-10-09 Comedietta9th October, 1907ShareShareShareHeld in Her Majesty’s Theatre”B” GradeGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing”Pygmalion and Galatea.” Max Metzler & PartyMelbourneVictoria80.001st”Kitty Clive.” Jessie Morgan & PartySydneyNew South Wales70.002ndBy Special Request.” Harold Moran & PartyBallaratVictoria60.003rd”The Physician.” Ivan Hill & PartyBallaratVictoria54.00Honourable Mention”A” GradeGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacing”Barbara” – Ethel Goddard & PartyMelbourneVictoria90.001st”Hans the Boatman”, 2nd Act – Lillie Sheridan & Party tBallaratVictoria85.002nd”In an Attic” – […]

1910-10-06 Comedietta

1910-10-06 Comedietta6th October, 1910ShareShareShareHeld in the ColiseumComediettaGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingMax Metzler and Co. (The School for Scandal)HawthornVictoria121.001stJock Widburn and Co. (As Once in May)BallaratVictoria116.002ndThe Melbourne Players (The Second Mrs. Tanqueray)MelbourneVictoria114.003rdR. R. Haverfield and Co. (In Honor Bound)WarragulVictoria113.00Honourable Mention