2021 ACU Debating Cup Challenge – Cancelled due to Pandemic

2021 ACU Debating Cup Challenge – Cancelled due to Pandemic16th August, 2021

2019-08-26 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-08-26 ACU Debating Challenge Cup26th August, 2019ShareShareShareSection 820 Years 5-6 Grand Final”That Father Christmas has a harder job than Easter Bunny”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Primary Team C (Affirmative)DaylesfordVictoria1stDaylesford Primary Team B (Negative)DaylesfordVictoriaNoneSection 820 Best Female SpeakerEqual 1st Olivia Mees Mees, Buninyong VictoriaEqual 1st Sammy Deacon, Pleasant st VictoriaSection 820 Best Male Speaker1st Matthew Hunt, Daylesford VictoriaSection 820 […]

2019-08-19 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-08-19 ACU Debating Challenge Cup19th August, 2019ShareShareShare821 Years 7/8 Semi-Final ”That learning to Debate is more important than learning to write”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingClarendon Team 1(Affirmative)BallaratVictoria1stLoreto B (Negative)BallaratVictoriaNone2 ”That student are justified in striking for action on Climate Change”.Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar Y7B (Negative)BallaratVictoria1stClarendon Team 3 (Affirmative)BallaratVictoriaNone822 Years 9/10 – ”That Climate Change is our greatest threat.”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat […]

2019-08-02 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-08-02 ACU Debating Challenge Cup2nd August, 2019ShareShareShareSection 822 Years 9/104 ”That fast food has an undeservingly poor reputation”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Year 9/10 Team 1 (Affirmative)Victoria2ndPhoenix Year 9 Team 1 (Negative)Victoria1st5 ”That vaccinations should be compulsory”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford SC One (Affirmative)Victoria1stDamascus College Year 9/10 Team 2 (Negative)Victoria2nd6 ”That technology is destroying our society”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPhoenix Year 9 Team […]

2019-08-01 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-08-01 ACU Debating Challenge Cup1st August, 2019ShareShareShareSection 820 Years 5/69 ”That we should leave the oceans to the sea creatures”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPleasant Street A (Negative)Victoria1stUrquhart Park Primary School Team 1 (Affirmative)Victoria2nd10 ”That technology has taken over children’s lives”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingUrquhart Primary School Team 2 (Negative)Victoria1stBuninyong 6 (Affirmative)Victoria2nd11 ”That city life is better than country life”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPleasant Street […]

2019-07-31 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-07-31 ACU Debating Challenge Cup31st July, 2019ShareShareShareSection 820 Years 5/61 ”That every home should have a rainwater tank”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDana Blue (Affirmative)Victoria1stBuninyong 1 (Negative)Victoria2nd2 ”That we should vote reality television off the screen”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlack Hill Primary School A (Negative)Victoria1stBuninyong 2 (Affirmative)Victoria2nd3 ”That today’s children are spoilt”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Primary Team A (Affirmative)Victoria1stDana Gold (Negative)Victoria2nd4 ”That celebrities have […]

2019-07-30 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-07-30 ACU Debating Challenge Cup30th July, 2019ShareShareShareSection 821 Years 7/88 ”That hunting for sport should be illegal in Australia”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingClarendon Team 1 (Negative)Victoria1stBallarat Grammar Y8 Team C (Affirmative)Victoria2nd9 ”That we should free the caged hens”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingClarendon Team 2 (Affirmative)Victoria1stPhoenix Year 8 Team 1 (Negative)Victoria2nd10 ”That teachers should wear a school uniform”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Grammar Y8 Team […]

2019-07-29 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2019-07-29 ACU Debating Challenge Cup29th July, 2019ShareShareShareSection 821 Years 7/81 ”That sports betting advertising on TV should be banned”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto A (Affirmative)Victoria1stSt Patrick’s Year 7/8 Team ! (Negative)Victoria2nd2 ”That we would be better off without television”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s Year 7/8 Team 2 (Affirmative)Victoria1stDamascus College Year 7/8 Team 1(Negative)Victoria2nd3 ”That homework serves no purpose”Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto B […]

2018-08-03 ACU Debating Cup

2018-08-03 ACU Debating Cup3rd August, 2018ShareShareShare822.1 Year 9/10 Heat 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patricks Team 1AffirmativeVictoriaNone822.1 Year 9/10 Heat 2Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDamascus College Team 1NegativeVictoriaNone822.1 Year 9/10 Heat 3Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPhoenix Team 1NegativeVictoriaNone822.2 Year 9/10 Heat 4Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary HoganNegativeVictoriaNone822.2 Year 9/10 Heat 5Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary HoyneAffirmativeVictoriaNone822.2 Year 9/10 Heat 6Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patricks Team 3AffirmativeVictoriaNone

2018-08-02 ACU Debating Cup

2018-08-02 ACU Debating Cup2nd August, 2018ShareShareShare821.3 Year 7/8 Heat 7Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto AAffirmativeVictoriaNone821.3 Year 7/8 Heat 8Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto BNegativeVictoriaNone821.3 Year 7/8 Heat 9Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patricks Team 2Affirmative VictoriaNone821.4 Year 7/8 Heat 10Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 3AffirmativeVictoriaNone821.4 Year 7/8 Heat 11Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto CNegativeVictoriaNone821.4 Year 7/8 Heat 12Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto DAffirmativeVictoriaNone823.2 Year 11/12 Heat 5Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary RobinsonAffirmativeVictoriaNone823.2 […]

2018-08-01 ACU Debating Cup

2018-08-01 ACU Debating Cup1st August, 2018ShareShareShare821.1 Year 7/8 Heat 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 1NegativeVictoriaNone821.1 Year 7/8 Heat 2Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 2AffirmativeVictoriaNone821.1 Year 7/8 Heat 3Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary LawsonAffirmativeVictoriaNone821.1 Year 7/8 Heat 4Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary MortonAffirmativeVictoriaNone821.2 Year 7/8 Heat 5Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary TreasurerNegativeVictoriaNone821.2 Year 7/8 Heat 6Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBHS Team RubyNegativeVictoriaNone

2018-07-31 ACU Debating Cup

2018-07-31 ACU Debating Cup31st July, 2018ShareShareShare823.1 Year 11/12 Heat 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patrick’s Team 1NegativeVictoriaNone823.1 Year 11/12 Heat 2Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingSt Patricks Team 2AffirmativeVictoriaNone823.1 Year 11/12 Heat 3Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto HNegativeVictoriaNone823.1 Year 11/12 Heat 4Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingLoreto JAffimativeVictoriaNone

2018-07-30 ACU Debating Cup

2018-07-30 ACU Debating Cup30th July, 2018ShareShareShareSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 1Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPleasant St AAffirmativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 2Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyong Group 3AffirmativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 3Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyong Group 4NegativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 4Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBuninyongAffirmativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 5Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingPleasant Street BAffirmativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year 5/6 Heat 6Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlack Hill Primary AAffirmativeVictoriaNoneSection 820 Year […]

2017-08-28 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2017-08-28 ACU Debating Challenge Cup28th August, 2017ShareShareShare820 – 5/6 Debating Grand FinalGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBlack Hill Primary School 1VictoriaAwarded to821 – 7/8 Debating Grand FinalGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 2BallaratVictoriaAwarded to822 – 9/10 Debating Grand FinalGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary College Team 2Daylesford VictoriaAwarded to823 – 11/12 Debating Grand FinalGroup NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat High School RavioliBallaratVictoriaAwarded to

2017-08-21 ACU Debating Challenge Cup

2017-08-21 ACU Debating Challenge Cup21st August, 2017ShareShareShare821 – 7/8 Debate One – Semi-Final Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 2BallaratVictoriaAwarded to821 – 7/8 Debate Two – Semi-Final Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team 1BallaratVictoriaAwarded to822 – 9/10 Debate One – Semi-Final Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingDaylesford Secondary CollegeDaylesfordVictoriaAwarded to822 – 9/10 Debate Two – Semi-Final Group NameSuburbStatePointsPlacingBallarat Clarendon College Team […]